Kids Kite on Sunset

“Life is what happens, while you are busy making plans.” ~ John Lennon ~

“Earn what u plan, might be the biggest achievement in life, but planning itself was the true meaning of struggling in life” ~ Jovial Dien ~

These words just came out from my mind, as an another page for my personal motivation which came from my deepest feeling, after facing almost the entire year with a boiled blood inside my head, while attempting to row myself on the lakes of biggest prey upon all of my hopes.

As a pride, till now I’m surely claim myself as a person who learns a lot from the world, especially after what I’ve done, trough a shade of sadness, mountain of happiness, hills of joyous, ocean of tears, echo of laugh, cliff of pain, sky of insanity, cavern of honor and a desert of drama… and guess what? It’s all about the scenario and the dialog written on it; while I think these all are improvisation.

“Future will be mine”, I said those instead a bullet came and destroy my pride

“be Honorable just for a second”, another mumbling threw out from my brain cells

But the most of it was…

“Stand Still Dear, Just imaging that u still human, so happiness and pain may collide”… the best praise for my soul within the last few month.

I’ve done so many choice, and I fight for those to make it right, This instrument is what I called as “Plan Machine”… coz when u find a way to make it as steady as on a rail, then U are alive in it. So, will it be the answer for producing the best achievement in life? Not precisely, planning in my life is a kind of presence of moving forward, so my kinds of planning were the variety option that I choose. That’s why I put struggle as the spirit which means I describe struggling as the real meaning of achievement. Align with the nature “do things and let the decision on fate made by God”. – Like a Kite –

I just can make the entire struggle as an ideal story book for my old days later, while my son will learn from the path that I’ve craft for him, while I keep trying to closed the failure scene and replace the negative image with another perspective of thought.

So… will u struggle… or just planning… from the point of view a chance to achieve…

…written in the silence of hopes…