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Soft…ly…Lo..ve… *close eyes*

i failed my self…
as i failed promise that i made 5 years ago, the time when i facing the mud that spread on my face…
i still remember that day in every sense and smell it with all my desperate soul…
the day that i only had two choice…
the day when sins were cured by mistakes…

Now… my path is, I’ll be here for u my little prince, no matter my soul is dying…
Coz… Holding u is pure son, crafting live with the shape of heart…

I love U Son… hope it shine ure old man, when he knew he just a poser in the fancy place… Just stare me with ure eyes like a hug in this fragile bones… then Breath the rejuvenate air for ure father lungs dear… coz i just cant do it task normally after i break my vows…

Do it for me my hero… as your father keep running for all of us…

*Sing* “Speak Softly Love”…
-blame it when the tears fall-
…when i Just knew it…


(Lyric) Are You The One – Scorpions –

couple siluete

Are You The One – Scorpions

Another rainy morning
People rushing by
My head is still in the clouds
I dream with open eyes

Suddenly out of nowhere
She came into my life
Like we know each other
For quite a while

In the sound of silence
Time is standing still
There’s some kind of bond between us
That’s givin’ me the chill
Do you really wonder
That we can burn the sky
It’s written a thousand years ago
In the book of life

Are you the one that God
had made for me
Are you the one who’s
always in my dreams
The one who keeps me goin’
When I can’t go on
The one that I’ve been waiting for
For so long

Oh, yeah

Suddenly out of nowhere
She came into my life

Are you the one that God
had made for me
Are you the one who’s
always in my dreams

Are you the one that God
had made for me
Are you the one who’s mine eternally

The one who keeps me dreamin’
When I’m sad and tired
Who gives my life a meaning
Till the day I die

Are you the one

Are you the one

Perdana… From Benteng to GBK…

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Apalagi segh yang diminta selain Setia ???

Why Don’t U just Hold U’r Couple’s Hand… and Respect Your Marriage, Perfectly !!!

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Story about love… (final edition)

unfinished writings

Cupid and Psyche, plaster, 1793, Metropolitan Museum, NYC.
i`m inspired to write this topic after seeing those picture… ancient symbol’s for love… Cupid n its couple… Wondering why I like this picture a lot, it make me browse trought the net n try to read all related story…
Mungkin sedikit ringkasannya… the story begins with the Goddess Venus’s jealousy and envious to the beauty of a mortal woman named Psyche, and after that asked her son, Cupid the other Roman God that represents Love n Sex… to use his golden arrows to cause Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. Cupid agreed but then fell in love with Psyche on his own, or by accidentally pricking himself with a golden arrow… hehehehe…so its a gift or a tragic…
just define it by ur self kay…
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